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A puppy playing with a rope toy

Our Approach: Comfort Comes First

Your pet’s sense of security is of the utmost importance to us. At The Gentle Vet, we prioritize comfort and compassion, meaning we will never force your pet into a procedure that makes them feel unsafe. This is what makes us stand out from other general veterinary practices. We believe excellent healthcare can and should be kind.

Our reception desk

Keeping It Short & Painless

Because our mission is to make vet visits as pain and stress-free as possible, you may notice that we keep our atmosphere tranquil and cozy in order to put both pets and their owners at ease.

After all, if a pet parent is in distress, it’s more likely the animal will become tense in response. We strive to minimize any potential for anxiety, so our current furnishings are intended to keep everyone comfortable for as long as you’re here.

Veterinary practices should be built off patience, kindness, and genuine concern for their patients. This is The Gentle Vet’s greatest endeavor, and one that our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Sean Faulkner, along with his wife, Olivia (RVT and practice manager) are passionate about.

Things We Can Guarantee for You

It is our honor to bring you the following guarantees:

  • Education and transparency surrounding all medical options
  • An intimate setting to keep all pets and pet owners relaxed
  • A medical staff that cares about your animals
  • Flexible treatment plans which work best for you
  • A zero-tolerance policy for force and physical coercion on all animals

Get To Know Us Better

Learn more about our team, or take a tour of the facility to see our place first-hand.

Call us at (330) 665-5915 to schedule your appointment today!