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We want to see your pets live long, full lives. This is why we so ardently advocate for preventative care. Diagnostics are a crucial part of their wellness, and routine in good veterinary care.

A dog with their human looking at some x-rays with the vet

Blood Work: The Basics

Blood work is an integral part of diagnosing abnormalities or disease in pets. For both our feline and canine patients, our blood panels can be tailored to include:

  • a CBC (complete blood count), which evaluates your pet’s red and white blood cells for things like signs of anemia and/or infection
  • a Chemistry panel, which evaluates your pet’s metabolic and organ health, as well as their electrolytes
  • SDMA, which is a kidney specific enzyme that detects kidney distress BEFORE it can progress to disease
  • T4 (Thyroid) levels
  • U/A (urinalysis)
  • 4dx (Heartworm and Tick screening) for dogs
  • proBNP (Cardiomyopathy screening) - heart disease in cats often does not cause a heart murmur. This test screens for "silent" heart disease.


We may utilize our ultrasound in order to perform cystocentesis (sterile urine collection), as well as evaluate your pet for things like bladder stones, abdominal masses, or other irregularities.


Radiographs, or X-rays, are another essential facet of diagnostics. They allow us to either confirm or rule out common findings such as internal masses, broken bones, and foreign bodies (if your pet ate something they shouldn’t have). We use digital radiography, which allows for immediate preliminary evaluation, as well as the ability to send the images to a board certified radiologist for a thorough interpretation.

You as the pet parent know your animal best! If you think your pet needs to be seen or if they’re due for a check-up, call us at (330) 665-5915 to book your appointment today!