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Dear Clients!

We'd like to take the opportunity to tell you about an exciting program that can help you save money on your vet bills at our clinic.

It is called Pet Health Matching Account, (this link takes you to an enrollment page, but you can navigate the rest of the site from there). We became aware of this awesome resource from one of our existing clients that already utilizes it.

Unlike other vet insurance plans (this isn't even insurance), this savings program has some wonderful benefits:

  • NOT an interest-charging credit card – The PHMA is more like a savings account and your medical benefit account GROWS more the longer you have it
  • All household pets share one account – it doesn’t matter how many pets you have, how old they are, what health conditions they have.
  • Choose from 6 plan sizes to help you budget the cost of your routine examinations, vaccines, medications, special dietary needs, dental care and more...
  • PLUS the PHMA helps take the bite out of the unforeseen acute issues that can arise and the treatment of disease
  • NO pre-existing exclusions – it doesn’t matter if your pet already has health problems
  • No waiting periods – while there are no deductibles or waiting periods, you will want to start your PHMA now so it has time to build before you use it.
  • NO deductibles – your balance is always available to you to use
  • NO claims forms, waiting for reimbursements, etc., your medical benefit resides on a pre-paid visa card
  • Access to your account details at all times on the secure website
  • Use for ALL vet expenses, even if we refer you to a specialist or you need Emergency Care

We have seen how well the PHMA works for one of our clients and 3 of our kitty patients. While we don’t sell this program at our office, we do have brochures and have gone through a training with Nancy Coveleskie, our PHMA account specialist.

Nancy is available for phone calls or zoom calls days and most evenings. Her phone is 216-333-1213 and her email is You can also book a phone call on her calendar.

Click here for more information.

To your pet's health!