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A kitten meowing

Great Healthcare Begins Here

As with us humans, dental wellness is an integral part of an animal’s health. Therefore, their teeth and gums require regular, consistent attention and care.

A dog's well-kept teeth

Without dental care, pets are not only more likely to develop periodontal disease, but are also continuously subjected to the ingestion and absorption of harmful bacteria. The result can cause an array of concurrent health issues. These include: pain and physical discomfort, behavioral changes, and systemic diseases. These symptoms aren’t just painful for the animals, but are genuine threats to your pet’s health.

Fortunately, The Gentle Vet has your back with our nose-to-tail exams. Make sure to check out the Veterinary Oral Health Council (the VOHC) for education about early intervention, so that you as the caretaker can recognize any potential diseases in the mouth.

Exams & Cleanings

Dental evaluations are included in physical exams here at The Gentle Vet. Dr. Sean checks the teeth and gums for abnormalities, and if disease is present, the next step is to schedule a thorough cleaning.

Just like at your dentist, your pet will get dental X-rays to evaluate for “silent” diseases. Full mouth radiographs are included with every dental cleaning and prophylaxis. Sometimes, while everything can appear to be healthy on the surface, there can be lesions present under the gumline that may only be identified with dental radiographs. They allow us to identify diseases that are undetectable to the naked eye, and extract the diseased teeth before they cause more pain and infection. Once all the diseased teeth are removed, the remaining healthy teeth are thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler, and polished with dental polish paste.

Pain-free Extractions

We take animal pain very seriously, especially in our beloved pets. Because our mission is to provide fear-free and pain-free care, all of our surgeries, including oral surgery, are tailored to provide your pet with the most comfortable and painless procedure as possible.

Prior to any extractions, we utilize dental nerve blocks, the same way your dentist would for any painful procedure. With us, your pet will wake up from their procedure pain-free.

Additional Wellness Care

For more information about the medical procedures we offer, please refer to our Services page, or get to know the passionate people taking care of your animals.