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Extra Special Means Extra Care

If you’re lucky enough to have a senior pet, extra attention is needed to continue their longevity.

An older dog and cat with their human

Pets who are older (and hopefully wiser!) are no less worthy of excellent healthcare than their younger counterparts. For this reason, The Gentle Vet offers preventive and medical solutions to the problems that can arise over the years. Every pet we evaluate receives the same compassion, regardless of age.

When Are Animals Considered Seniors?

We consider dogs to be seniors when they turn 6, and cats when they turn 8. Of course, many factors can affect your pet’s health regardless of age, as chronic illness can mature an animal’s body faster than their years. Once your pet reaches senior status, more frequent physical examinations become more important. For this reason, we recommend senior pets be examined every 6 months, and lab work be performed annually.

Age Is NOT A Disease

While you may be able to visibly witness your pet slowing down, it doesn’t mean they can’t undergo treatments, or even anesthesia. Crucial procedures including surgery should not be avoided simply because of their seniority. Rest assured, we’ll perform pre-surgical diagnostics to make sure they’re a good candidate for anesthesia.

Of course, as with younger animals, any abnormality should be addressed as soon as possible.

Examples of abnormalities driven by age can include: unexplained changes in appetites and/or weight, stiffness in joints and movement, excessive drinking, trouble urinating (or urinating more often), decreased interest in activity or socialization, and unexplained behavior changes.

Furthermore, if you feel something “off” but can’t pinpoint the source of the irregularity, we encourage you to bring them in for a checkup, and possibly diagnostics. Our pets do communicate with us, and while we may not understand, it’s important that we listen.

Schedule An Appointment Today!

Our goal is to prevent age-related diseases. We’ll do everything we can to intervene with excellent healthcare so your pet can live a long and happy life with you. Call us today at (330) 665-5915 or meet the team who takes care of your incredible animals.